Unit 4 Hobbies练习4

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(     ) 1. A.yellow    B.library    C. young  

(     ) 2. A. yes      B. you      C. Nancy     

(     ) 3. A. yo-yo    B.bye      C. your  

(     ) 4. A. story     B. funny    C. year   



1. What does his brother like ________(do)He likes swimming.

2. There           (be) any swings in the park.

3. My father           (like) fishing.

4. What          (do) your friend        (like)         (do) ?

 5.Mike is good at           (play)football.



1. My friend likes playing football.(对划线部分提问)

What ________  _______ friend _______doing ?

2..Su Hai likes swimming(改否定句)

  Su Hai ________ _______ swimming.

3. I like watching films. (改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答)

  ______ _______ like watching films_______, I _______.

4. My father can play football. (对划线部分提问)

  ______can ______ father______?

5.I like swimming.Su Hai likes swimming too.(改为同义句)

 Su Hai and I ______ like ________.


My name is Helen.I like reading storybooks.I have a lot of storybooks.I also like watching films.I usually watch films after school.

My mother likes playing the piano and singing,but my father doesn’t.He likes playing basketball.He can play it well.He also likes watching basketball games on TV.

My brother Joe is also good at basketball.He can play basketball too.My sister Amy likes flying kites in the park.Joe and Amy both like drawing.They can draw beautiful pictures.

(    )1. Helen watches films at school. 

(    )2. Helen’s father likes playing football.

(    )3. Joe doesn’t like playing basketball.

(    )4. Amy can draw well.

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